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​Maya Trading grows

with Pet partners.

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Maya Trading Co., Ltd. growing with its partners!
Maya Trading is an import and export trade company of animal medicines and feed additives established on November 29, 1980, and has grown into a leading Korean general trading company for pet products that produce, export and import all products for pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, ornamental fish and reptiles.
In addition, the company has established Maya, a book publishing company for pet lovers, and has published more than 20 kinds of books specializing in pets. He also published a best-selling book, "The Three Kingdoms of Korea," by Lim Dong-joo, the CEO of the company, who is interested in history.

the peace of the world through companion animals
Unlike in the past, we humans live in a desolate structure. In particular, children who are growing up in the middle of the year are focusing on entertainment games in their rooms without stepping on the dirt, and the emotional problems caused by them are already becoming a social problem. Soon we will understand and love nature and recognize the importance of the environment when we raise them or become close to dogs or cats.


Korea is not a developing country anymore. If we pour our love into raising our pets as human beings, they will return their gratitude to us. By living with pets, we will feel psychologically comfortable and have a logical way of thinking, not superiority.
Among the many benefits that pets and life bring to mankind, the most important thing is that we share the love we receive with animals, so we can feel true love. This love is directly related to the peace of the family and the peace of the country and the world.

MAYA Trading

CEO Professor    Dr.Lim

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